July 21, 2021
More than anything, Kathy Rudolph Petrino is a prolific traveler who wishes to see as much as she can while she’s still on this planet because traveling makes her happy.Everyone else is thankful that she also enthusiastic about blogging about all of her travels. Her main impetus for writing about travels is to create more tourists, in a way. This way, more people will visit her favorite destinations, thus ensuring their survival, so she can go again and again. Also, by showing others what she does, they are likely to avoid any hiccups she experiences in her travels. These days, one of Kathy Rudolph Petrino’s favorite destinations is a classic, but still a lot of fun; the Grand Canyon.

From Kathy’s perspective, the word “Grand” understates the view you get when you first arrive at the Grand Canyon. Perhaps they should have named it the “Spectacular Canyon” instead. Many people deride it as “a hole in the ground,” but what a hole. The canyon’s length is about 277 river miles, and its width runs to as much as 18 miles in several spots, while the entire canyon is about a mile deep. In every sense of the term, the Grand Canyon is a true natural wonder, as the Colorado River has carved out this chasm over the course of six million years. For centuries now, visitors have gone to the Grand Canyon just to gaze out over its red and orange grandeur. The South Rim serves as the home of the Grand Canyon Village and the Bright Angel Trail, as well as most of the canyon’s amenities, so that sightseers and hikers can make the most of their adventure. There is plenty of camping available, as well, in case you want to take the entire family sightseeing or looking for adventure.